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Happy Feet, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to reach all children in need of confidence,  happiness and positivity in their lives. The purpose of this  communication is  to offer you the opportunity to contribute to this successful program that has greatly impacted so many children’s lives.

In our professional encounters, we have come to realize that many measure happiness based upon wealth and the amount of materialistic items owned by a person; however, we have also found one common trait amongst all we encounter, rather rich or in need:  Sadness exists everywhere! This has shown us that while wealth can ease sadness temporarily, it can not take the place of true happiness, which once achieved, can positively impact a person for years to come.

Happy Feet, Inc. has developed an approach to assist children in reaching that happiness that will have a life-long impact. Our approach of using fun interactions, strategic and entertaining games and creative education as it relates to health and safety has proven very effective.  The interactions amongst the children assist in developing their social skills and introduces them to the idea of teamwork and respecting one another, which are the foundational building blocks of children developing into well-rounding  adults who will be the future of our society.

We have successfully developed a portfolio that caters to the attention of both, children and the parents that attend the festivities with them.  A few items included in our portfolio are:

  • Happy Feet the Dancing Clown
  • Professional Grade Moon Bounce Houses
  • 18 Passenger Train Rides
  • 14 Passenger Fire Truck Rides
  • Mobile Movie Theater
  • Sack Racing
  • Professional Grade Popcorn Machine
  • Professional Grade Snow Cone Machine
  • Professional Grade Cotton Candy Machine
  • Professional DJ Equipment/Sound Systems

Assistance is appreciated in ensuring the equipment above is professionally maintained and in excellent running condition to guarantee it is readily available for the children’s use. We are also looking to expand operations and consistently analyzing new market items to enhance our portfolio and to ensure it continues to meet the needs and interests of the every growing children.


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Contributions can be sent to the following:

Happy Feet, Inc.
3371 Harris Road  Townsend, DE 19734

(302) 521-6356